The Perfect Lie

Warning Signs of Abuse

  • Family History
  • Difficulty maintaining close relationships
  • Talking disparaging about an ex-girlfriend/wife
  • Controlling
  • Extreme Jealousy
  • Raging Temper
  • Makes you feel inadequate and unworthy
  • Blames fights on you – accuses you of infidelity
  • Verbally assaults you
  • Physically assaults you

Domestic violence can happen to anyone of any race, age, sexual orientation, religion or gender. It can happen to couples who are married, living together or who are dating. Domestic violence affects people of all socioeconomic backgrounds and education levels.

Our “Warning Signs” list includes some of the most common signs of domestic abuse, yet certainly not all of them. If you know someone, or if some of these warning signs are evident in your relationship, Lifted from Darkness will clearly help you to identify the downward spiral and warning signs of abuse.

The Story of a Domestic Violence Survivor

A simple, young 19-year-old waitress meets Jack, the man of her dreams. Quickly, the fairy tale relationship deteriorates with the reality of an invisible trap steeped with lies, threats and deception. Live through the manipulation and desperation Jeanette experiences while trapped with no family or help within reach. Mourn as you watch the unbelievable and sadistic abuse Jeanette endures at the hand of her “protector.” Rejoice as you witness what Jeanette felt as the miraculous hand of God protecting and rescuing her.

What a captivating story that kept me riveted to the book, from beginning to the end. You just don’t imagine that things like this exist in the world, because we have been trained to look at the outside appearances and not see what is going on in the inside. Jeanette has captured the true essence of what it means to be a battered wife and how this could happen. I think all of us always wonder how could someone let this happen to them, or why don’t they just leave. Jeanette explains so clearly in this book how this could happen to anyone who has a heart and mind to love…I strongly urge anyone who is lost in their circumstances, doubtful of life and wanting to quit to read this encouraging story of how someone who just wanted to love and to be loved, found that love in the end.

Wow! Is the first word that came out of my mouth after reading this incredible story that takes you on a ride of young dreams that turn to a horrible nightmare only to end up in victory. Jeanette recounts the story that so many women have lived or are living through today—a story that could have made her a bitter woman giving into defeat becomes a story that through the grace of God has seen success and triumph. Her story will make you angry, will raise questions of why, wondering why no one noticed, but will take you to a place of hope and dreams being fulfilled. I am so proud that Jeanette has been willing to tell her story, to face her past, to find healing and to now be in a place to help and encourage others.

Jeanette Towne wished this sad story during her 20s never happened. But it did. And through her transformed life today, Jeanette looks back, and courageously uncovers the ‘silent terror’ of her torture and abuse, and the emotional paradox of her ‘domestic prison’, a similar prison which many others are ‘captive in’ today. This book is not a voyeuristic tour, but rather a story of reality, and a gift of hope to those who still cry out to God to be rescued, and for their friends and family who will be part of the rescue. And even more, it shows everyone there is a path to building a beautiful new life of hope, strength, giving, trust, and genuine love.

A disturbing, chilling look at domestic violence from the inside. Jeanette Towne recounts her abusive first marriage and her ultimate escape and rise to success in the corporate world. The book is dark, yet inspirational, as she chronicles her daily turmoil with abuse and how she found the strength to leave and prosper. From Prisoner to President shoots to the heart because so many people have been touched in some way by domestic violence.

Jeanette’s story brings hope. She openly shares her life as she grew up in total innocence, married into a life of chaos and destruction, but was completely restored.

Unbelievable and encouraging! Jeanette has detailed a real life experience that so many women have endured and can relate. Even more importantly, Jeanette’s boldness to bring her story to light can and will continue to encourage thousands who feel trapped out of guilt or fear.

In From Prisoner to President, Jeanette Towne captures the survival mentality and pain of those entangled in domestic abuse, allowing the reader to understand the complexity, perversion, and emotional conflict that terrorizes victims of such abuse. While her story recounts the ugliness and sorrow of her labored journey, the raw realities of true redemption shine forth.

From Prisoner to President is the eye-opening and heart wrenching 10-year true story of an abused wife who chronicles what it’s like to be beaten down, emotionally and physically on a 24/7 basis. Jeanette Towne has woven the fabric of a married life spinning out of control and who bares her soul honestly and convincingly. Faced with sad fact that the husband she only sought to love and cherish does little but beat and break her down, Jeanette comes to grip with a seemingly hopeless situation. She never falters in her goal of being a good wife and mother and in spite of the adversity at hand emerges as the winner and more importantly a beacon of light to battered women everywhere.

This is a must read book for every young girl, getting ready to leave the protection of her family.

A very real story of abuse and salvation that will encourage women in similar circumstances to realize there is hope for a better tomorrow. This story speaks life to anyone in overwhelming circumstances showing that prayer and faith can bring inner strength to escape unspeakable misery.